Marilyn Minter Presents "My Cuntry 'Tis of Thee" @ Simon Lee Gallery London

In Marilyn Minter’s video work, “My Cuntry 'Tis of Thee (2018), women write the word ‘cunt’ into condensation on a glass pane. As the women articulate each letter, their features are gradually revealed as the steam hiding them dissipates. Minter reclaims one of the most widely acknowledged offensive words by providing the women in her video the chance to, quite literally, write it away from its degrading associations. The artist’s debut exhibition with Simon Lee Gallery and her first solo presentation in the UK in thirty years explores feminism and sexual politics through images that dismantle Western culture’s hierarchies of censorship and misogyny. “My Cuntry 'Tis of Thee” is on view through July 13 at Simon Lee Gallery 12 Berkeley St, Mayfair, London. photographs courtesy of the artist and Simon Lee Gallery London.

Petra Cortright Presents CAM WORLS @ UTA Artist Space In Los Angeles

CAM WORLS features fifty of the artist’s videos, made between 2007 and 2017, including eighteen never-before-exhibited artworks. Take a walk around the gallery to trace the evolution of Petra's online presence and take a seat on one of the many beanbags to view the works simultaneously from a distance, then make your way to the back gallery to view her 2015 piece, mind_candy_pfaffs, a collection of life-sized sexy girls in motion pulled from VirtuaGirl, one of the many technologies that the artist has employed in her work, its broader purpose is to give its users the impression that the sexy woman of their choice is trapped and living right within their own computer screens. CAM WORLS will be on view through April 7 at UTA Artist Space 670 S. Anderson Street Los Angeles. photographs by Oliver Kupper and Lani Trock

Watch The Exclusive Premiere Of The Memphis Milano Inspired Music Video for the Soft Ethnic Track "Prints"

The video for Soft Ethnic's "Prints," which exclusively debuts on Autre, relies on a simple set and a variety of characters played by Liam Benzvi to visually represent the construction and variation found throughout the song. Influenced by Ettore Sottsass and the Memphis group, the set pieces were designed and colored to add a playful backdrop and lightness to the scene. This, along with the relative sparseness and consistency of the editing creates a strong visual language that lends itself well to Liam Benzvi's melodic musings. Music video co-directed by Alex Rapine and Jarod Taber. Set design by Marki Becker. Click here to read an interview with Liam Benzvi. 

LAND Presents Brian Bress 'A Toyota's A Toyota' @ The Desmond In Los Angeles

LAND presents a site-specific exhibition of newly commissioned works by Los Angeles-based artist Brian Bress at The Desmond (formerly Desmond’s Department Store), an Art Deco landmark on Miracle Mile. The exhibition, A Toyota’s a Toyota, includes a large-scale video projection, entitled NOON NOON, and a six-channel HD monitor “window display” installation, entitled The Desmond Six. Both works feature painted panels – bucolic mountain landscapes in NOON NOON and a white and grey grid mimicking the architectural windows on the building’s façade above in The Desmond Six – which are cut through from behind to reveal candy-colored striped cartoonish figures, both bulbous and cylindrical, tightly positioned within the picture plane. NOON NOON mirrors itself on opposing walls, while the cutting of each of the letters of “NOON” are slowly revealed, again mimicking itself as each letter is cut.  'A Toyota's A Toyota' will be on view until January 6, 2016 at the Desmond, 5514 Wilshire Boulevard Los Angeles, CA