Gus Van Sant: Recent Paintings, Hollywood Boulevard @ Vito Schnabel Projects In New York

Recent Paintings, Hollywood Boulevard is Van Sant’s first solo painting exhibition in New York. On view is a series of large-scale watercolors on stretched linen that collapse dreamlike impressions of urban Los Angeles with specific narratives inspired by the people and events Van Sant has observed since establishing his home in the city in the 1970s. Recent Paintings, Hollywood Boulevard is on view through November 1 at Vito Schnabel Projects 43 Clarkson Street, New York. photographs courtesy of Vito Schnabel Projects

Simone Fattal: Works and Days @ the New York MOMA

Simone Fattal: Works and Days brings together over 200 works created over the last 50 years, featuring abstract and figurative ceramic sculptures, paintings, watercolors, and collages that draw from a range of sources including ancient history, mythology, Sufi poetry, geopolitical conflicts, and landscape painting. Fattal’s work explores the impact of displacement, as well as the politics of archaeology and excavation, constructing a world that has emerged from history and memory. Both timeless and specific, Fattal’s work straddles the contemporary, the archaic, and the mythic.

Simone Fattal: Works and Days is on view through September 2 at MOMA 11 West 53 Street. photographs courtesy of MOMA

Marco Castillo Presents The Decorator's Home @ UTA Artist Space in Los Angeles

Inspired by Cuban Modernism, The Decorator’s Home, curated by Neville Wakefield, personifies the vision of a fictional interior designer, tracing their style evolution from the commercial, North American-influenced Modernist design of the 1950s to the revolutionary, Soviet-influenced style of the 1960s and 1970s. Through sculptural installations, watercolors, drawings and a video, The Decorator’s Home is an attempt to capture the work of a generation that was cut short. Click here to read our interview with the artist.

The Decorator’s Home is on view through July 13 at UTA Artist Space 403 Foothill Rd. Beverly Hills, CA 90210.

Silke Otto-Knapp Presents "Land And Sea" @ Regen Projects In Los Angeles

Silke Otto-Knapp’s Land and Sea presents six watercolor paintings that wrap around the walls of the gallery like a sweeping horizon line. Spaced apart from each other, and installed low on the wall, the paintings achieve a weighted physical presence, and depict a group of seascapes. In the center of the gallery, a configuration of freestanding walls display vertically oriented multi-paneled paintings scaled in relation to the human form. One tableau features numerous figures activating the pictorial plane in their engagements with geometric shapes. Another larger work portrays a sequence of dancers in different positions. Each composition shifts between alternating positive and negative figure-ground relationships, creating the illusion of movement. Land and Sea is on view through March 30 at Regen Projects 6750 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles. photographs by Evan Bedford, Courtesy of Regen Projects, Los Angeles

David Lynch's I Was A Teenage Insect Opening @ Kayne Griffin Corcoran in Los Angeles

A group of new paintings, drawings, and watercolors are currently on view at Kayne Griffin Corcoran, and they’re not at all for the faint of heart. They touch on the dark dualities of our most sinister dreams and tickle us in that somewhat uninvited, but not exactly unappreciated sort of way. Within these works Lynch functions as an omnipresent narrator who candidly describes his representation of objects and figures in situations that are simultaneously commonplace yet unexpected. I Was A Teenage Insect is on view through November 3 at Kayne Griffin Corcoran 1201 South La Brea Avenue Los Angeles. photographs by Oliver Kupper

Go See Rebecca Dayan's Exhibition "Assumption" @ Catherine Ahnell Gallery In New York

Catherine Ahnell Gallery presents Rebecca Dayan's first solo exhibition as an artist. Painting is a talent that Dayan has been quietly pursuing throughout her years of loudly displaying her on-screen and on-the-page abilities. A native of the South of France, Rebecca started out as a young model and designer in Paris with the likes of some of the industries most acclaimed role players such as Karl Lagerfeld, Peter Lindbergh and Sonia Rykiel. In 2009 Dayan relocated to New York to pursue a career as an actress. Her acting career has grown rapidly since that year, giving Dayan an impressive collection of features that most recently includes a lead role in the much-acclaimed indie film H, which made its world premiere at this year’s Venice Film Festival. Her current exhibition comes from her research for a film role playing a nun in the film Novitiate - she found it interesting the way nuns would talk about god much the same way that a woman might talk about her first love. This intrigue led Dayan to further explore the parallels that can be found between passions of religion and passions of eroticism, giving her the idea for the series of watercolor portraits she produced for her solo exhibition. Rebeca Dayan Assumption Will Be On View Until October 11, 2015 at Catherine Ahnell Gallery in New York.  photographs courtesy of the gallery.