Theaster Gates : Line Drawing For Shirt And Cloak @ Regen Projects In Los Angeles

Line Drawing for Shirt and Cloak presents a complex reflection on desire, consumption and surrender using contemporary activations of the storefront as a vehicle for expressing both emotional and aesthetic intent. With a highly honed metal strategy and the artist’s entire wardrobe, this multi-faceted installation represents a conscious movement toward the freedom found when one’s appetite and the world’s insistence asks for everything, and a moment of clearing when emotive freedom is found. Line Drawing for Shirt and Cloak is on view through November 2 at Regen Projects 6750 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles. photographs courtesy of Regen Projects

Daniel Boccato & Loup Sarion: Cannibal Valley @ M+B In Los Angeles

Cannibal Valley brings together the sculptural objects of Loup Sarion and Daniel Boccato, united by the artists’ collaborative friendship and interest in abstract figurative forms.

On view in the first room are Sarion’s oversized wall-mounted tongues, made of fiberglass and coated with a mixture of resin and pigment. The tongues protrude from a fence of plywood boards that line the walls, which give a skin, an epidermis to the space. Sarion gives careful consideration to material surface and color for each tongue, offering a painterly topography of abstract patches and spots. Each one exclaims its ties to the visceral body as well as to the intimacy of language; a tongue is the thing that determines fundamental differences in taste and is the organ with which we speak, love, kiss and experience sensuality.

Also on view are new works from Daniel Boccato’s faceworks series—wall-mounted, monochromatic sculptures of caricatured expressions. The resulting shapes are made from molds using commonplace materials such as cardboard, sticky tape and tarp, and then cast in epoxy, fiberglass and resin. Their contours and lines suggest cartoon-like faces, with the surfaces bearing wrinkles and protrusions. These works appeal and call attention to one’s tendency to anthropomorphize objects and patterns, and to the dissonance that occurs when trying to register fragmented facial parts. Exploring the relationship between abstraction and figuration, they challenge the spectator's impulses to label, declare, categorize and differentiate.Cannibal Valley is on view through November 9 at M+B 612 North Almont Drive Los Angeles. photographs courtesy of M+B

Mimi Jung: Eleven Minutes Fom Home @ Augusto Remington

Through the systematic and meticulous processes of weaving or deconstructing a wide variety of unconventional materials—from luscious mohair yarns to synthetic utilitarian textiles, poly cord, and paper— Mimi Jung examines the space in between: weft and warp, process and material, viewer and art-object. Exhibition on view at opening reception and by appointment only. photographs by Lani Trock

Resilience: Philip Guston in 1971 @ Hauser & Wirth In Los Angeles

Resilience: Philip Guston in 1971 is Guston’s first solo Los Angeles exhibition in over half a century. The exhibition sheds light on a single pivotal year that launched Guston into the final prolific decade of his career, during which he painted what are now celebrated as some of the most important works of art of the 20th Century. On view will be two major series, the Roma paintings and the Nixon drawings, accompanied by a select group of larger works. Created immediately after the overwhelming critical rejection of his new figurative work, exhibited in October 1970 at Marlborough Gallery in New York City for the first time, during a time of social and political turmoil in the United States, these works bear witness to an artist at the height of his powers, exquisitely responsive to his world. Resilience: Philip Guston in 1971 is on view through 5 January 2020 at Hauser & Wirth 901 East 3rd Street Los Angeles. photographs courtesy of Hauser & Wirth

Watch The Music Video For FAIRE's "Se La Pasa Bien" From Their Forthcoming EP "La Vie"

UFO, collective, international plot? FAIRE, the band that is about to shake the French musical landscape, is a bit of ail of the above. Great dispensers of visceral and "dantesque" live shows where everything can happen: naked crowd members, furious mosh-pits, collective trance ... FAIRE telescopes through genres and ages, sweeps away psych rock and 80's new wave with an unbridled know-how that expresses the quintessence of what they call their "Gaule Wave," a well shaken mixture of spontaneity and French delirium. Their first EP “La vie” will be out on October 4th. Catch them live on October 3rd at La Boule Noire, 120 Boulevard de Rochechouart, Paris

Trude Viken: Unmasked @ M+B In Los Angeles

Viken’s paintings describe the human psyche in bold and unflinching terms. On view is a selection of the artist’s small format works from her Diary Notes series. Originally intended as a visual daybook of self-portraits, over time it has evolved into a larger body of paintings that explore the medium's ability to convey interior moods and fantasies. The exhibition also showcases new large-scale paintings by Viken that have never before been shown in the US. Unmasked is on view through October 12 at M+B 612 North Almont Drive Los Angeles. photographs courtesy of M+B

Kenneth Anger Equinox Celebration "An Evening of Performance" At Regent Theater In Los Angeles

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Spaceland and Lethal Amounts announce an evening with Kenneth Anger at The Regent. On the occasion of the Autumnal Equinox, Kenneth Anger and Los Angeles artist Brian Butler will perform at the historic Regent Theater in Downtown Los Angeles. A selection of Anger’s iconic films including Invocation of My Demon Brother, Lucifer Rising, and Scorpio Rising will be presented along with a conversation on the occult forces which drive these two visionary artists. The presentation will climax with the shattering ritualistic spectacle of magick, sound and light; Kenneth Anger & Brian Butler’s Technicolor Skull. Purchase tickets for September 21, 2019 here. Image: Yvonne Marquis in Puce Moment, 1949

Prospect X Judy Chicago Capsule Shop @ Jeffrey Deitch In Los Angeles

Running until November 2, Jeffrey Deitch, Los Angeles presents a remarkable body of Judy Chicago’s work that has been largely unseen for fifty years. On the occasion of this monumental show, Prospect and Judy Chicago created a Book of Postcards, including thirty-six 4 by 6 inch postcards featuring iconic works by the artist, many of which will be on view at the gallery. Additional items, never before seen in Los Angeles, will be available from the Prospect X Judy Chicago collection, including fine bone china plates, silk throw pillows, scarves, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and a new pomegranate goddess soap sculpture. Limited editions range from $18 to $225 and will be available online at

Unveiling of Sonic Mountain (Sonoma) by Doug Aitken @ Donum

Sonic Mountain (Sonoma) is situated within Donum’s lush eucalyptus grove. Mimicking a wind chime, Doug Aitken’s installation responds to changes in the surrounding environment and creates patterns of sound as wind moves through it. As a living and interactive artwork, Sonic Mountain (Sonoma) explores the fluidity of time by creating a continuously evolving experience that is activated by the surrounding landscape.

February James: A Place to Belong @ Wilding Cran Gallery In Los Angeles

For this exhibition James creates a domestic environment, a room in a home. The gallery is transformed into a work of art: The walls are painted a wash with visible brushstrokes, and are adorned with paper sculptures representing the objects and furniture within it, an environment for the characters in her portraits to inhabit. Finally, completing the narrative, James places her painted figures around these objects of domesticity. A Place to Belong is on view through October 27 at Wilding Cran Gallery 939 South Santa Fe Avenue, Los Angeles. photographs by Lani Trock

Thoughts Become Words, Words Become Images @ HVW8 In Los Angeles

Thoughts become words, words become images is a group show with Dev Hynes, Gia Coppola, Kelsey Lu, Lily Gavin, Cassi Namoda and Amanda Charchian curated by Anaïs Ngbanzo at HVW8 gallery, Los Angeles. Literature in itself is an art form; carefully chosen words paint visuals upon a page for the theater of the mind. This has often inspired other, more visually oriented artists to create works based upon these mental images. Thoughts become words, words become images is an exhibition which illuminates the interplay between literature and visual art. Thoughts become words, words become images is on view through October 13 at HVW8 661 N. Spaulding Ave, Los Angeles. photographs courtesy of HVW8

Todd James: There's No Place Like Home @ Over The Influence In Los Angeles

Featuring mostly large-scale acrylic paintings, THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME elaborates on Todd James’ recent theme of surreal interiors rendered in a lush, saturated palette. These are deeply personal spaces, populated with slightly abstracted objects, which form engaging compositions that draw the viewer into the artist’s world. There’s not place like home is on view through October 27 at Over The Influence 833 E 3rd St, Los Angeles. photographs by Lani Trock and courtesy of Over The Influence

Moffat Takadiwa: Son of the Soil @ Nicodim In Los Angeles

Son of the Soil is Moffat Takadiwa’s first solo exhibition in the United States. Takadiwa reassesses his own Korekore craft culture through the appropriation of garbage from the West, elevating found objects into sculptural forms that engage with issues of cultural identity, language, social practice, and the environment. All of his artworks are composed from the discarded remains of consumer waste, woven together in the language of traditional Zimbabwean textiles. Macrobiotic in his approach to material, his repurposed objects tell stories of each piece’s past lives to viewers brave enough to confront their own ecological and colonial legacies. Son of the Soil is on view through October 19 at Nicodim 571 S Anderson Street Ste 2, Los Angeles. photographs by Lani Trock and courtesy of Nicodim

Robert Moreland: Deliberation @ Wilding Cran Gallery In Los Angeles

Just when you think you have the measure of them, these composites of painting and sculpture slip out of mental reach. At first glance Moreland’s latest body of work evokes the geometry of industrial spaces: a saw roof; bi-fold windows; up-and-over garage doors…. But the closer you approach, the more the architectural undertones are disrupted. In the face of brightly painted, leather-hinged, canvas-covered wooden panels, architecture gives way to a story of making. Tacks, tucks, folds: no part of fabrication is disguised. These crafted elements may lurk in the shadows but they are handled in such a way as to become significant features. Like the sixties Minimalism movement that it references, Moreland’s work is without pretension; unlike the Minimalists, it is not devoid of emotion or artistic gesture. There are just discernible brush strokes on the painted surfaces, and his striking use of color points up the geometry of each piece. Deliberation is on view through October 27 at Wilding Cran Gallery 939 South Santa Fe Avenue, Los Angeles. photographs by Lani Trock

Egan Frantz "Paintings" @ Team (gallery, inc.) In New York

Good paintings, those with intrigue, appeal and tension, ask us to hold competing and simultaneous understandings in mind, and contend with synchronized yet oppositional forces. At odds with the unexpectedness and complexity of Egan Frantz’s works is an effortlessness, an instinctive ease, vital in producing an image that is at once seemingly familiar and impossible to place. This is a show of new images, adamantly straightforward yet enigmatic, that manifest a proprietary power and charged presence. Paintings is on view through October 5 at Team (gallery, inc.) 83 Grand Street, New York. Photographs courtesy of Team (gallery, inc.)

Jasmine Thomas-Girvan & Chris Ofili: Affinities @ David Zwirner In London

Affinities is a two-person exhibition of work by Trinidad-based artists Jasmine Thomas-Girvan and Chris Ofili at the gallery’s London location. Featuring sculptural works by Thomas-Girvan alongside paintings by Ofili, Affinities brings to light the rich artistic conversation that exists between these two artists, arising both in response to their shared environment as well as an ongoing dialogue throughout the nearly two decades they have known each other.

Drawing alternately from Caribbean history, myth, ritual, literature, and her own experience, Thomas-Girvan’s poetically inflected works are grounded in the specificity of the Caribbean landscape and the region’s colonial past, but open out onto universal themes—most prominently, transformation and the construction of identity. Her sculptures and installations seamlessly weave together traditional supports, such as wood and bronze, with both found everyday objects and materials sourced from the natural environment, including shells, pieces of coral, palm fronds, and mangrove hairs, culled from a vast collection that she has amassed over time. The resulting assemblages, which cohere into singular visual statements, are at once familiar and fantastical, both venerating and working through a rich and complicated past. As Ofili notes: “Jasmine’s work tells beautiful and mysterious tales that are a combination of fragility and dread with a knowing nod towards alchemy and witchcraft of the past, present, and future.”

On view will be several large- and small-scale canvases by Ofili from a 2019 body of work devoted to the figures of Calypso and Odysseus from Homer’s Odyssey. Inspired in part by the music of Trinidad, where Ofili has lived since 2005, the artist has reimagined Calypso—traditionally represented as a deceptive femme fatale—as a striking mermaid, and he has visualised Odysseus as a beautiful, dark-skinned suitor. In the paintings, Ofili presents the characters with curving bodies, sumptuously spread out across the compositions and displayed in layered surfaces filled with arabesque vines and bubble-like forms. Known for his intricate, kaleidoscopic paintings and works on paper that deftly merge abstraction and figuration, Ofili’s recent works—vibrant, symbolic, and frequently mysterious—evoke the lush landscapes and local traditions of Trinidad. Affinities is on view through September 21 at David Zwirner 24 Grafton Street, London. Photographs courtesy of David Zwirner

Portrait Of Britain Announces Winners Of Its Fourth Edition National Exhibition In Partnership With JCDecaux

Portrait of Britain, is the largest exhibition of contemporary portrait photography ever held, as much a celebration of photography as it is a celebration of the diversity of our country’s people. Now in its fourth year, British Journal of Photography will launch the nationwide exhibition on 2 September across JCDecaux UK’s national channel of digital screens. Following an open call by British Journal of Photography earlier this year, thousands of portraits were submitted, and judges had the task of selecting the 200 shortlisted images from that number. All 200 images will be printed in the Portrait of Britain Book Vol.2, published by Hoxton Mini Press, and released on 5 September.

The 100 winning entries will be showcased across JCDecaux’s network of digital Out-of-Home screens throughout the country, from rail stations and airports, to shopping malls and high streets, throughout the month of September.