The Sexy Beast Gala Benefit For Planned Parenthood LA At The Marciano Art Foundation In Los Angeles

Sexy Beast for Planned Parenthood Los Angeles is the shared vision of a group of influencers in the arts, united by a mission to harness the goodwill and powerful connections of the creative community to effect positive change, touch lives, and create a meaningful social impact. They believe we should all have access to safe, caring, and affordable healthcare services. During these challenging times for Planned Parenthood, it's more important than ever that the organization has our support, so it can remain focused on the vital care it provides. Since its founding in 2014, the Sexy Beast art auction and gala has raised nearly one million dollars for Planned Parenthood Los Angeles across two milestone events. This year, they raised almost one million dollars in one night alone, bringing Sexy Beast back for an unmissable evening of art, food, music and culture. photographs by Oliver Kupper

Artist John Baldessari With The Prototype of His BMW "Art Car" #19 To Be Unveiled Next Fall

John Baldessari is currently working on his rendition of the BMW "art car" with a prototype of the M6 GT3 model. Baldessari’s Art Car wilk be a ‘rolling advert’ for himself, featuring aspects from some of his most famous works – his use of colored dots. “For me, the car is certainly an icon of contemporary life. I have done sculpture before, but it’s the first time I have ever in a sense collaborated. I didn’t design the car – I collaborated with the designers of the car. I think the challenge comes in making something that cannot be understood from just one point of view, but only from a total point of view. I figured my use of colored dots is kind of an iconic series, so I had to include that. I’m actually advertising myself.” The final product will be unveiled on November 30, 2016 during Art Basel Miami and on the Daytona racetrack in January 2017. photograph by BMW

Aura Rosenberg "Who Am I?, What Am I?, Where Am I?" @ Meliksetian Briggs In Los Angeles

Meliksetian Briggs presents Who Am I?, What Am I?, Where Am I?, a series of photo works by New York/Berlin based artist, Aura Rosenberg. Who Am I? What Am I? Where Am I? is an ongoing, series of collaborative portraits of children. Currently, over eighty artists have taken part. From these, Rosenberg selected five images, from collaborations with John Baldessari, Mike Kelley, Sam Lewitt, Laurie Simmons, and Christopher Williams, to print as large-scale works. Who Am I?, What Am I? will be on view until January 9, 2016 at Meliksetian Briggs, 313 N Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA

John Baldessari 'Pictures & Scripts' @ Marian Goodman in London

Pictures & Scripts is a series of 20 new paintings that juxtapose still images appropriated from black and white films with excerpts from fictive narrative film scripts. Removed from their original contexts, these appropriated film stills capture moments of paused action, within which selected forms have been discretely over-painted in monochrome fields. Pictures & Scripts will be on view until April 25, 2015 at Marian Goodman Gallery in London.