Takuro Tamayama & Tiger Tateishi @ Nonaka-Hill In Los Angeles

At the gallery entrance, Takuro Tamayama’s monochrome yellow new video “Dance”, 2019 is played on a small monitor. A red curtain leads to Tamayama’s transformation of the gallery’s largest space into a colored light saturated immersive experience, entitled “Eclipse Dance”, 2019. A cluster of tables forms a new plateau and divides the atmosphere’s light, red above and blue below. A rotating marble form, evocative of a human, is positioned in relation to another form, evocative of a celestial body. In the adjacent spaces, visitors encounter Tamayama’s Eclipse, a new large-scale video projection, with sound composed by the artist. In a third space, Tamayama’s spinning sculpture and clustered confronts Tateishi’s Rotating Fuji (1991), and a fourth room, painted yellow, displays Tateishi’s prints dating from 1973-1981.

The exhibition is on view through August 31 720 N. Highland Ave., Los Angeles. photographs courtesy of Nonaka-Hill

Jansson Stegner Paintings @ Nino Mier Gallery in Los Angeles

Nino Mier Gallery is currently presenting Jansson Stegner's first solo exhibition in Los Angeles. This new series of oil paintings that ascribe male and female figures with exaggeratedly rendered physiques explores the inversion of gender roles within myriad aspects of authority, dominance, submission and beauty. Jansson Stegner Paintings will on view until March 3 at Nino Mier Gallery 7313 Santa Monica Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90046. photographs by Summer Bowie

Dan Colen "Oil Painting" @ Dallas Contemporary in Dallas, Texas

Dan Colen "Oil Painting" provides an unprecedented opportunity to track the major developments in the artist’s practice, beginning with his earliest works and continuing through his most recent. For the first time, viewers will be offered new insights into those developments through never-before exhibited preparatory drawings, source material, studies, and experimental paintings from the artist’s studio. The exhibition includes several pieces from 2001, the year Colen graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design and began working toward his first gallery exhibition. Photographs and graphite-on-velum pieces from that year reveal Colen’s longstanding interest in and mastery of traditional painting—a practice that is explored, exploded, and returned to throughout the works that follow. This is particularly evident in several examples of his well-known “Candle Paintings”, which are paired with a suite of drawings that map the artist’s process, laying bare Colen’s attention to detail and composition. Additional paintings in the exhibition represent several of Colen’s major series, including Confetti, Trash, and Miracle paintings. Four large-scale Trash paintings, all made in 2016, show Colen’s newest painterly intervention into the pictorial plane—using detritus discovered on New York City streets as sculptural painting materials. Dan Colen "Oil Painting" will be on view until August 21, 2016 at Dallas Contemporary, 161 Glass Street Dallas, Texas