Autre Magazine Two Day Takeover At Owl Bureau In Highland Park

Autre magazine celebrated its Spring 2019 issue with a two day takeover at Chandelier Creative’s West Coast outpost, Owl Bureau, a former pharmacy in Highland Park. The takeover started with an event on Saturday evening and daytime gathering with a lecture from fire ecologist Richard Minnich. Cocktails were provided by Madre Mezcal. photographs by Oliver Maxwell Kupper

Preorder Autre's New Summer 2018 Issue

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Autre’s rainbow magic Summer 2018 Issue features a 23-page interview of the legendary Los Angeles-based Norwegian-born photographer Torbjørn Rødland who has three major solo exhibitions this summer. One in Los Angeles at David Kordansky gallery, one at Bergen Kunsthall in Norway and one at Fondazione Prada in Milan. The feature includes a double interview with Autre’s editor-in-chief Oliver Maxwell Kupper and one with Serpentine Gallery’s director Hans-Ulrich Obrist. This issue also includes over 40 pages of fashion editorials with LVMH prize finalist Eckhaus Latta and Maryam Nassir Zadeh. Autre also interviews actor Matthew Modine with rare photographs from the set of Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket, feminist surrealist Penny Slinger, Lisa Immordino Vreeland on the legacy of photographer Cecil Beaton with gorgeous self portraits, Duncan Hannah on living the high life in New York City, Marilyn Minter on her new show at Regen Projects, legendary German New Wave director Wim Wenders, and Herb Alpert. The summer edition also includes an excerpt from Françoise Hardy’s memoirs, interviews with Lauren Halsey about her community-based practice and Koak about the power of comics, and a special photo document from Pierre-Ange Carlotti. Preorder now – the first ten orders receive a previous issue of Autre of your choosing, for free (exempt are issues volume one issue three with John Baldessari and volume two issue one with David Hockney). Only 50 copies left of our Spring 2018 issue featuring Paul Thomas Anderson. 


Watch The Premiere Of Our Mini-Documentary Featuring Peter Shire

Thanks to our friends at Chandelier Creative, we spent a lovely day capturing the iconic Peter Shire at his studio in Echo Park with director Johnny Le. Watch the documentary for a how-to tutorial on being Peter Shire, which includes knowing a good salad joke, meeting Ettore Sottsass, and owning a lot of hats. To celebrate the premiere we invited some of our favorite people in Los Angeles to the gorgeous Flamingo Estate for a Memphis Milano Bruncheon, which included a special menu created by Shire himself and chef Steven Segar, with items like Habanero pickled beet lollipops and Bel Air bellinis (peach vinegar, prosecco, vodka, and [of course] ping-pong balls). Read more about our collaboration here. 

Activating The Vehicle of Ascension: An Interview of Filmmaker Floria Sigismondi On Working With Rihanna and David Bowie

Floria Sigismondi’s work, like her music videos for Marilyn Manson, David Bowie or Leonard Cohen, is a perfect amalgamation of her unique upbringing. Spending her early years in the coastal town of Pescara, Italy and her formative years in the rough steel manufacturing town of Hamilton, Ontario – with opera singers for parents – Sigismondi has developed a unique aesthetic that blends classicalism with a certain darkness that harkens 1970s Giallo films and the nightmarish tableau vivants of Joel Peter Witkin. As a music video director, Sigismondi brings a distinctive world to life with an unsettling and jarring pastiche of imagery that flickers as if each scene was shot with a camera perched on the wing of a hummingbird. Lately, though, her work has taken a turn for the meditative and ethereal, like her most recent music video for Rihanna’s track Sledgehammer – made for the newest Star Trek film. Click here to read more. 

The Vanity Of An Artist: Read Our Exclusive Interview Of Legendary Artist David Hockney On The Occasion Of His Exhibition At The Royal Academy of Arts

At almost 80 years old, David Hockney – who is perhaps the world’s most famous living artist – is more productive than ever. We got a rare chance to visit his busy, paint-splattered and cigarette-littered studio tucked away in the hills of Los Angeles. We had an in-depth conversation over multiple boxes of his favorite brands of cigarettes – Camel Wides and Davidoff, which he keeps cartons of in a drawer marked ‘first aid’ – just between 'sketchbooks' and 'rulers.' Hockey is an avid supporter of smoker’s rights – even in the face of the ocean of studies and laws surrounding the lethality of smoking cigarettes. Hockney can list a number of famous artists that smoked and lived long lives. Indeed, Hockney is a true bon vivant – the last of a breed of artists that lived through multiple generations of bohemia and decadence. Click here to read more. 

A Winter Weekend In Joshua Tree, California

The air in Joshua Tree is sweet, thin and immaculate. It is high desert air at its finest. It is a forsaken landscape. The Joshua trees that line the horizon and the desert seem like lost souls trapped in a spinning chokehold, moving so fast that everything is brilliantly still and hopeful. Despite its alienness and despite its strangeness, it is a beautiful landscape full of boulders and small shacks and homesteads. In the summer, it is too hot to live here, so many people move North or somewhere more forgiving. When you wake up in Joshua Tree, you want to walk for miles until you are an invisible stranger. At night, have a shot of whiskey at Pappy + Harriet’s and in the morning eat at La Copine in Flamingo Heights - make sure to order the beignets, which are splattered devilishly with cinnamon-coffee sugar. Just two hours away from Los Angeles, Joshua Tree is a strange and beautiful oasis. text and photography by Oliver Maxwell Kupper

Stoned Immaculate: Read Our Interview With Azalea Lee, A Minimalist Crystal Healer Who Makes Metaphysical Fine Jewelry

Speaking to Azalea Lee is like talking to that wise aunt who has all those otherworldly insights that she wraps in easily accessible metaphors so that you don’t have to work too hard to arrive at the answers. Whether you actually have that aunt, or you always wished you had that aunt, when you walk into her crystal shop, you immediately feel that sense of comfort and familiarity. Her space is in an old building in the fashion district of Downtown Los Angeles. There’s a weird old elevator that you take to the 9th floor, walk down a short dark hallway, ring the bell and the door opens to a bright, white room with a sweeping landscape of the city and a friendly woman who asks you to take off your shoes. Entering Place 8 Healing is like walking through the pearly gates in a dream where you know you’re not dead, and this isn’t eternity, but somehow you feel lighter and more at ease. There’s a cubby station next to the door with a cushion that you can sit on where we eventually held the interview. She explains that we spend so much time wearing shoes and clothes that we lose our grounding; that removing that barrier between our feet and the ground is an essential part of rooting ourselves with the Earth. Click here to read more.