Jasmine Nyende: Crested Crane @ AA|LA Gallery In Los Angeles

Through conversation, meditation, and rediscovery of “lost pasts,” Jasmine Nyende uses art to explore and mediate her mother’s southern American roots and her father’s Ugandan genealogy. Incorporating paintings, fiber arts, performance, poetry, meditation, spoken word, and embroidered ready-to-wear clothes, Nyende manifests an alluring confluence of body, identity, and ancestry.

Crested Crane materializes through Nyende’s use of fibers and manifests a particular mending of personal identity that echoes throughout the body of work. For Nyende, art is a way to speak to ancestors while asserting her own individuality. Specifically, the crocheted and knitted works relate to the American history of Black female labor in the fiber arts. The web of soft textiles act as connective tissue, binding the vibrant images and colorways into a complex yet comprehensive family narrative that would otherwise be inaccessible. Crested Crane is on view through December 14 at AA|LA 7313 melrose avenue, Los Angeles. photographs courtesy of the gallery

Franco-American Duo FAUX REAL Releases New Music Video For "Second Sweat"

Faux real is the deranged child of Franco-American brothers Elliott and Virgile Arndt. In the summer of 2018, they invoked the union of their inner-gene genies and gave birth to faux realism. The brothers started playing their first shows as a duo with nothing but a couple of microphones, a flute, some handmade costumes and a weird/incestuous/compelling 30-minute long choreography. With no music online or a single confirmed show on the horizon, they took off on a month-long US tour in march 2019, with high hopes and low expectations.

They ended up performing over 30 times that month from SXSW in Austin, to Los Angeles and New York City, performing anywhere and everywhere the city would allow, from large venues to sweaty nightclubs to street corners, house parties, art galleries, illegal raves, or hijacking existing bills with impromptu slots. The two brothers are quickly becoming notorious for their wild, unhinged, retro-futuristic and avant-garde anti-rock performances, ranging from flute-infused 808 ballads to feverish stooge-esque self-flagellation, tongue-in-cheek frenglish poetry, faux athletics and improvised quasi-ballet.

Verbal Burlesque With Michael Imperioli, Lydia Lunch, Jerry Stahl & Other Guests @ The Standard Los Angeles

Autre hosted another night of Verbal Burlesque at the Standard Hotel, a literary evening of music and spoken word with Michael Imperioli, Lydia Lunch, Jerry Stahl, Gregg Foreman and Sylvia Black. photographs by Oliver Maxwell Kupper

Tao Of Maceo: Read Our Interview Of Multi-Disciplinary Artist & Behavior Economist Maceo Paisley


What does it mean to be a twenty-first century renaissance man? For Maceo Paisley, a wide range of disciplines comes together in a positive feedback loop that supports his indefatigable exploration of human behavior. Using embodied inquiry, he investigates his own identity and presents his findings in performance and film. A prolific writer of prose, he just released his first book Tao of Maceo, which takes inventory of his personal beliefs and aims to define his perspective more acutely. Stepping off the stage, he cultivates community through his Chinatown gallery, Nous Tous and a multi-pronged community practice/social innovation agency called Citizens of Culture. Click here to read more

Read Claressinka Anderson Pugliese's Poetic Response to Fay Ray's "I Am The House" @ Shulamit Nazarian

fay ray pearls.jpg

I AM THE HOUSE continues Ray’s interest in the fetishization of objects and the construction of female identity through high-contrast, monochromatic photomontages and suspended metallic sculptures. Throughout this series, she situates the body as a vessel, one that carries life, physical memories, and emotional fortitude. Read Claressinka Anderson Pugliese's poetic response here. See additional photographs from the exhibition here. photograph by Lani Trock

Watch The Online Premiere of Soil: An Exploration Of Manipulation, Dependency, and Objectification

Soil is the debut film by Mathilde Huron & Julian Feeld. It was shot on Fuji Super 16mm film in the Bouches-du-Rhône department of Southern France and scored by Pontus Berghe, ex-member of Thieves Like Us and current member of Thunder Tillman, with featured actors Joe Rezwin, Liza Journo & Sati Leonne Faulks.

A young filmmaker with mixed intentions sets out to document the friendship between a fifteen-year-old Parisian girl and a homeless alcoholic on the verge of death. Between documentary and fiction, Soil is an exploration of manipulation, dependency, and objectification. This experimental psycho-thriller — a mix of documentary and fiction — was screened in Paris, Tokyo and Los Angeles. 

Kate Parfet's Mirror Domme Launch Party @ The Home of Kulapat Yantrasast In Venice

Autre launches Mirror Domme, Kate Parfet’s debut book of poetry. This first collection is strewed buckshot of intimate recollections told in delirious balancing of lyrical phrase and fragmented prose. Inspired by the sudden death of a lover, these poems – as if written in part with invisible ink – illumine for the speaker a new self, one that dares to be visible in the context of loss. photographs by Oliver Kupper

Six Poets From New River Press Reading and Book Launch @ Shakespeare And Company in Paris

Iconic Paris bookstore Shakespeare and Company welcomed six poets from New River Press, one of the UK’s edgiest and most exciting poetry imprints, for a reading and gathering. Those poets include George Khayat, Niall Mcdevitt, Robert Montgomery, Greta Bellamacina, Zimon Drake, and Rosalind Jana. You can listen to the reading herephotographs by Mazzy-Mae Green

The Importance Of Being Earnest: Read Our Interview Of Essayist And Poet Kris Kidd On The Occasion Of His New Book Of Poetry

What does it mean to be honest? For Kris Kidd, it might be the unadulterated, self-deprecating persona he projects on social media and in his essays. The day we meet, he posts a picture of himself in a studded choker and a t-shirt ripped to shreds, an ashy cigarette hanging from his lips. The caption reads, “i guess i’d have to say the greatest thing about being me is that i can show up an hour late to meetings & interviews, unshowered & w/ starbucks in hand, bc i literally have no reputation to uphold.” But if you think this is the honest Kris Kidd, you only know half the story. Click here to read more. 

Watch The Premiere of A Short Film That Brings To Life Charles Bukowski's Poem "Nana" On The Anniversary of the Poet's Death

This month marks the 22nd anniversary of the great poet of the street Charles Bukowski's death. To mark this occasion, Autre exclusively presents the premiere of Nana, a short film by Nana Ghana that brings to life Bukowski's poem Nana from his 1978 novel Women. The book focuses on the constant carousel of women with whom Henri Chinaski, an alter ego of Bukowski's, only finds temporary fulfillment.

Exclusive Premiere of "Screen Test n.11: Romantic Love" by Alex Franco Featuring Poet and Model Greta Bellamacina

The short-film and intimate spoken word snapshot, entitled Screen Test n.11: Romantic Love, by photographer and filmmaker Alex Franco, features English poet and model Greta Bellamacina sprawled out, reading her poem Romantic Love. Bellamacina, who just had her first child with fellow artist and poet Robert Montgomery, says that the poem is from a series that explores the “early stages of motherhood from a young female contemporary perspective,” which is a perspective that is “massively under represented in the media today.” The poem, Romantic Love, is inspired by Lucien Freud’s 2002 painting Naked Portrait, which features a pregnant Kate Moss softly laying her head on her own arm in an intimate setting with a maternal glow. Bellamacina, who is a lingual portraitist that uses deeply powerful rhythms of language to paint her poems, plans to release a book of poetry later this month called Stockholm Syndrome. Click here to read the poem. Poem by Greta Bellamacina @ VIVA Model Management. Film by Alex Franco @ Artist and Agency .